Two Years Has Impacted So Many


“Theres something so powerful and liberating when you walk through the doors of Jada Blitz Training. You can feel the change and positivity.” Aubree Shofner, personal trainer.

Two years on Transit Road means: two years changing people’s lives, two years developing a family, two years constructing a home in the busy Transit Rd. district.

“Jada Blitz Training has been a home to me since I first moved to Buffalo. I have seen Jada progress and grow so much over such a short period of time. The sky is the limit for us, and our future here. I look forward to pushing these limits every single day.”Hallie Mayo, personal trainer.

People come to Jada Blitz Training not only to workout, but to visit friends, build relationships with their trainers and get stronger, inside and out.

“The growth of Jada Blitz the last two years is a complete reflection of our clientele. The excitement our clients and members show regarding Jada Blitz is contagious and will continue to help us thrive for years to come.”Mike Davis, personal trainer.

Jada Blitz started out back in 2012 on Genessee Street, moved to Transit Road and since then has grown its membership to over 500 members, its staff to 20 and has continued to add new machines and offerings.

“Sometimes I think back on the drive to the studio down Genesee on cold winter mornings as I pull into the parking lot on Transit. At 5am when no one is on the road and it is still pitch black, I drive along the Sheridan exit onto the main road and immediately see the Jada Blitz sign lit up in white. Every day I am grateful for that sign. It is literally the light at the end of my road. It is my reminder that there is no place else I would rather be.” Stephanie Szpila, personal trainer.

Seven months ago, Jada partnered with Revolution, a spin studio, with at the time, one location on Elmwood Ave. Today, Jada is able to offer 14 classes each week and has brought in new and familiar members since launching.

“What separates Jada Blitz from other gyms is the atmosphere. You aren’t just a number here everyone knows or gets to know everyone at the gym. It really is one big family. Over these past two years I can’t tell you how many people I’ve became friends with. The atmosphere is like no other facility around here. Until you come check out facility you won’t understand.”Adam Gutierrez, personal trainer.

Last week, at its two-year Transit Rd. anniversary celebration, Jada announced the launch of a nutrition company—Balanced Body—set to officially begin cooking up meals in December 2016.

“I’ve been working at Jada blitz for about 5 months now. I’ve been to many other gyms and nothing beats the positivity and motivating atmosphere we have. A close knit family setting; we know our members and they know us without having to wear a nametag. This gym is one of the most successful places that anyone can find himself or herself getting a workout at, while achieving their own success. We are the best. We are Jada Blitz!!”- Sam Stanley, personal trainer.

And Jada couldn’t celebrate its success without YOU: our clients, our trainers, our staff and our community.


For that, we thank you.


Here’s what a few of our clients chose to share about their experiences at Jada Blitz Training.

“I am 48 and in the best shape of my life. Jada offers the right amount of classes to fit my schedule, keep my interest and keep me motivated. I am now working out 5-6 days a week and the addition of RevExpress is awesome. Because of this being added, I was able to quit Orange Theory Fitness and save money, which I hope to reinvest in personal training at Jada. Thank you Jada; I love it here. The trainers and members are such great people.”- Scott Brooks 1 year at Jada

“Coming to Jada Blitz was the first time I was motivated to workout and eat healthy in years. I’ve seen more results in these 5 months than any other workout or diet plan I’ve tried. Thanks for giving me my confidence back! Special Thanks to Rachel- my ultimate motivator!”Carrie Gillings 5 months at Jada

“It has been a long journey for me to lose weight. Many highs and lows. If it wasn’t for the Jada Blitz family, the lows would be horrible and I wouldn’t have achieved and accomplished my goals. We support each other and I am truly grateful for this place!”Cynthia Winnie 3 years at Jada since Genesee St. 

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