Sports Performance Training

Athletes spend hundreds of hours perfecting their craft. Many times, coaches may be unaware of basic human physiology and the essential movement patterns necessary for increasing performance. Believe it or not, just because an athlete may put in lots of extra work in the gym or on field, they may actually be harming their body by increasing risk of injuries and decreasing sport performance. Functional training is a style of sport training that targets regular human movement patterns. Essentially, these exercises build the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems from the ground up, creating a balanced, strong base. Before implementing a proper individualized program, we administer an athletic assessment (sport specific) to our athlete. We do this to ensure there are no threatening risks to injury, or any imbalances hindering performance. Based off these results, we can then construct pre habilitation work, post therapy treatment programs, and conditioning plans necessary for success. This style of training is the most efficient way of increasing essential movement patterns in a given sport, limiting risks of injury, and producing dominate results on the field.

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    I am a fighter looking for an intense workout that’ll push me to my limits. Right now I want to get stronger, increse my endurance, and also look good.

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