Stephanie Latawiec - Trainer

Commitment and willingness to push your boundaries and to challenge what you know is achievable are key elements to success. As a personal trainer, she responsibly helps guide and motivate individuals towards achieving their unique fitness goals.

Stephanie is a nationally certified Personal Trainer who has specializes in weight loss programs, nutrition counseling, and custom training routines since March 2010. She challenges and encourages her clients to surpass their physical and mental boundaries by using functional exercise and sound nutritional planning. As a fitness professional, Stephanie takes her clients’ health and wellness personally, working alongside them to help them achieve all of their fitness goals through determination and dedication. She thinks of every client as an extension of herself and holds them accountable for the success of their relationship. A former “couch potato,” she began lifting weights in January 2009 in order to compete in a figure competition. Before Stephanie stepped on stage during her first competition in April 2011 (placing second in her class), exercise had completely transformed her life. She felt empowered by becoming stronger physically and mentally in all areas of her life. A passion to share this enthusiasm for self-empowerment through fitness naturally arose from her transformation. Stephanie believes in achieving dreams, challenging one’s own limits, training hard, and becoming the best you can be. She also believes that you get what you put in: that the better your efforts, the better your rewards will be. Every individual has to create their own success; no one else can.


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