Samuel A. Stanley

Growing up I was always the over-weight kid trying to keep up. I was more of underdog but regardless, I had a love for sports. When I arrived in high school I played football and basketball and started to lose the weight as I became more athletic. At 16 my life was completely flipped.

I had a part time job at a pizza shop. I was walking home one night from work and was struck by a car going 45 mph. I broke both of my legs and was bleeding out. I spent a week in intensive care at ECMC and a entire month in the hospital. It was a year before I could walk again. During the process of relearning how to walk; working with Physical therapists. I found that I really enjoyed learning about all aspects of the body as well as seeing how helping others can really make people happy!

After I was able to stand on my own two feet again, I started to hit the weights at home. When I realized I wasn’t getting enough out the weights I had in my parents garage, my friends and I all decided to get gym memberships. It was like a renaissance of lifting for me. Being at the gym with my friends and others to aspire to. It truly motivated me. A trainer named Cindy noticed me at the gym and took me under her wing. She believed I had what it took to be a trainer.

Shortly after, I decided to get my Certification from I.S.S.A- International Sports Science Association. I’ve been training for 3 years and ever since, learning more and more along the way.  I have a great background in corrective exercise to increase posture and performance and decrease risk of injury, while I was living in Albany as a trainer.  I have gained a lot of experience working with professional boxers and MMA fighters, giving my self knowledge on new and exciting fitness boxing programs.

My type of training style is a mix of high repetition resistance training along with body weight and High intensity interval training. I like to get the heart rate up and keep it consistent through the workout giving the best results towards fat loss and muscle gain. Always trying to progress and increase Strength is my personal philosophy when it comes to training, never taking a step and back and never saying “I can’t.”  Interacting with people of all ages at different levels of fitness, at the end of the day its the most gratifying feeling to know that I can help out others and really give back!