Nate Hammer

Growing up I was always active. Playing outside with friends was an everyday thing; rain, snow, or shine. Being active and fit is something that has been a part of me since I could crawl. I got involved in organized sports in elementary school and continued all through high school. Those sports included soccer, football, and track & field.

I got into weightlifting in middle school and took it to the next level in high school. Playing football throughout middle school to high school got me involved in a lot of strength and conditioning training. We had a designated “football” weight room at my school where all the guys would train every day after school. That built my foundation to weight lifting and love for fitness.

During high school I developed an interest in bodybuilding but didn’t know much about it. It became a dream of mine to compete but it seemed like a goal that was out of reach. A few years after graduating, a friend of mine introduced me to Justin in 2013. That introduction took my fitness to the next level once again.

I learned a lot about bodybuilding, nutrition, and training. Through Jada Blitz I was able to step on stage and compete in bodybuilding. Shortly after my show, I went back to my roots of strength training and competed in a powerlifting competition. I’ve also run multiple obstacle course races and experienced endurance training with running a marathon. I have gained a lot of knowledge and first-hand experience with various types of training. While going through my prep for the bodybuilding show and learning so much about fitness I decided to get my personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Because of Justin and the Jada Blitz Team I have been well equipped and continue to grow as a Personal Trainer. I’ve always been told to surround myself with people that are where I want to be in life. Whether that is in a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual sense, Jada Blitz is the place to be.