Dan Jakielaszek – Trainer

Throughout my life I have always lived an active lifestyle, from playing sports to just being outdoors! In my senior year of high school, I developed an eating disorder that controlled my life for over 4 years. I became anorexic and was hospitalized for it on the week before Christmas in 2011. From there I suffered from a lot of depression, I went through a series of treatments in the string of 4 years. After my last treatment I finally felt normal again, I made a goal for myself that I needed to overcome my weakness and make it a strength of mine. I decided to pursue the life of fitness, through schooling, research and a lot of experimentation with fitness routines, I became a certified personal trainer. Now working at Jadablitz, I have the opportunity to help everyone of my clients reach their full potential both in and out of the gym. I realized from my past that being in good shape isn’t just a physically attribute, it can bring you to a place mentally that helps you strive in all aspects of life!