Adam Gutierrez – Head Trainer - Personal Trainer

From the first day I can remember, I was always into sports; you name it I tried it. However, I never got into weight training until after my fathers passing in 2010. After that I found myself turning to alcohol, searching for some sort of comfort and stability in my life. Instead I began to realize I had placed myself on a road that would ruin my life. I was out of control and had to make a change.

I quit drinking cold turkey and replaced that habit with weight training. It was in December of 2010 when I had met Justin, and I immediately knew I had found something that would actually improve my life and better me as a person. Through meeting him I began to discover what fitness was all about. More importantly, my life was on a positive track. Not only did I lose weight, but I gained confidence and felt as if my life wasn’t so empty anymore.

Now that I have the opportunity to train others, I make it a priority to appreciate that everyone has their own story. Despite our various struggles and backgrounds, I want to be a real life example of how anyone can turn their life around. Although it isn’t an easy change to make, it’s worth it. Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back from discovering your true potential. Fitness isn’t just about a physical transformation, but a mental one as well that takes place inside of you. By having made personal relationships with my clients, I have already been able to see dramatic transformations take place. It would be an honor to work with you and help you achieve your goal.

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