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  • Brandon Farrell

    Brandon Farrell



    I have been training with Russ and JD for 9 weeks now at the School of JadaBlitz. I say school because you just don’t leave there with a physical sweat but a mental sweat as well. Those guys just don’t tell you what to do, but teach you what you are doing and explain why you are doing it. When I walk in that door I know its time for work! I have been doing half hour sessions once a week and have been seeing crazy results and never been so pleased and happy! Those guys are an inspiration. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the Jadablitz Family!


  • Brittany May

    I started working out with Justin January 2013 after my brother had been bragging about how awesome this guy was and being a trainer myself and hugely devoted to working out I obviously needed to see what the hype was all about. I kept talking about how other trainers had never been able to beat me up or make my muscles sore the next day, well let me tell you something, after my first session with Justin I was dead, but in the best way possible. I felt great and needed to keep going. I was a trainer at the time and he just continued to teach me not only how to make your work outs efficient but to be personal and unique for each individual client, and that he is. You can tell how much this isn’t just business to him, he legit cares about all and every single one of his clients and shows you how to naturally live the best life you can by taking care of your body the right way. I have also gotten the pleasure of working with ma man Russ, who not only cares about every one of his clients like Justin but he is def NOT afraid to make you work ESPECIALLY on leg day. I’ve been training with him for about 2 months now and the last month I began to train for a show. I absolutely love it! I of course was a hot mess in the beginning but Russ has stood by and encouraged me to make sure that I not only got it right, but understood what I was doing. Not only have I learned beyond what I could imagine about working out and how to eat properly and the most effective way for your body, I’ve developed an inner strength I couldn’t even imagine. Growing up I was a hunker especially because I’m kind of a beast and have always been strong, but I was ashamed especially of my body. Now, I can’t stop flexing in the mirror haha. I’ve also learned how to become comfortable with my beastness and use it in every aspect of my life, not only physically but mentally knowing that I can conquer anything by believing in yourself. Jada Blitz’s “the will to win must come from within” is no joke my friends! Both Justin and Russ don’t put that will in you but they diffidently know how to awaken it and make you want it. The blitz isn’t just a place to work out, it’s a family, your encouraged and cared for. You go there with a desire to work hard and put toward the effort to not just get in shape but creating a better lifestyle for yourself. I’ve never felt better and I’ve only just begun this journey.

    Brittany May
  • Lauren Schilling

    Lauren Schilling

    Justin, Steph, Russ, and everyone at Jada Blitz take training to a whole new level! They are knowledgeable, inspiring, motivating, and get you the results you want! If you’re looking to go to the next level with your workouts, look no further because Jada Blitz is where it’s at!


  • Nick Bordonaro

    If you are looking for a trainer to take you to that next level, Justin Draper is that guy. His determination, knowledge and experience in this field are hard to come by. Jada Blitz training is where results are made!

    Nick Bordonaro
  • Alicia Rothfuss

    Alicia Rothfuss

    Prior to training with Justin Draper, I considered myself fit. Back then, fit meant hours of rigorous cardio, HIIT, little weight training and an untracked diet. The only consistent thing going for me was my weekend drinking. I would go all day without eating and “save my calories” for a night out. I can’t say that Justin was soley the reason I cleaned up my poor eating and drinking habits but I can say that he inspired me and continues to inspire me daily. “It all depends on your goals,” he tells me.

    I came to Justin through a referral in attempts to getting help with my squats and building my leg muscles. I’ve now been working with Justin for a year. In that time, I have gone from 117lbs -123lbs. At 123lbs in October of last year, I decided to do a show and compete figure. I had absolutely zero intention of ever competing before training at Jada Blitz. It was Justin’s inspiration and drive that was feeding my motivation to continously push myself. Justin taught me everything I know about Macro nutrients and how to manipulate and tweak my body in this time. We prepped for a little over 20 weeks and on March 14th I stepped on stage at 119 lbs, 2 lbs over what I weighed prior to training with Justin. My body fat went from 18% to 9% on stage. My squats went from 135lbs to 225lbs, deadlifts went from 110lbs to 265lbs and bench went from stuggling with the bar to 115lbs. Not only that but my personal business has grown exponentially as a result of the knowledge gained from Justin through nutrition and fitness. I have never looked or felt better and my strength gains have given me adrenaline to continue being better each day and pushing towards my goals.

    I am honored when I tell people that Justin Draper is my coach and take pride in being a part of the Jada Blitz crew. Unlike any other gym, there’s a special comradery amongst us that is unbreakable. You can find workout equipment anywhere but you cannot find people who are going to stand by your side motivating and supporting you, no matter what your goals are with as much enthusiasm as you’ll get at Jada Blitz.


  • Monica Kollig

    I was never the “sporty” type. I struggled with my body image, developing a mild case of anorexia in my teens that, thankfully, didn’t last long. In true irony, I developed a love for the restaurant industry, pastry specifically. I went right off to culinary school, from high school, fearful of the “freshmen 15”. Through the years in the restaurant industry, and more specifically pastry, I found myself surrounded by all kinds of bad decisions: extreme coffee consumption, drugs, minimal eating, working more hours in 3 days than most do in a week. As the years progressed, I started feeling fatigued, almost sick. I chalked it up to “well, maybe I should just focus on eating steady meals”. After an extremely mild lifestyle adjustment, nothing seemed to change, so I figured it was simply the industry that I had chosen. I accepted that it was standard to have an almost constant feeling of exhaustion and physical “sickness”. Upon moving to Buffalo, to open a restaurant with my husband (also in the industry), I was surrounded by some of the largest portion sizes I had ever seen. I feared, with the cold weather and crazy amount of unhealthy options available, that I would slip into habits that would change me in all the wrong ways. I investigated Jada Blitz after my health insurance provided a gift card to spend on a “healthy lifestyle”. I figured “why not give it a try, and REALLY try”.

    Upon walking in, I was honestly terrified: this world of weight lifting and healthy living was so unfamiliar to me. I have always struggled to take care of myself on a regular basis, choosing to give my career more than myself. Despite the internal struggle, I liked Jada Blitz the second I walked in. I liked that it wasn’t apart of a corporate gym “chain”, everyone knew each other, there was a real feeling of family and you could tell these people were dedicated, from the clients to the staff. I remember my consult day with Justin and Aubree. I walked out, after probably the longest 15 minutes of my life, and upon stepping off the curb, felt my legs about to buckle. I walked funny for 4 solid days after. During that same 15 minutes, I felt myself being positively pushed by two people who, I could already tell, wanted what was best for me. I was embarrassed but determined.

    After a few months of training with my first trainer, I began to long for the feeling that I had during my consult. I longed for the feeling of pushing myself to a limit that I never could have reached alone. I remembered Aubree’s confidence in me when I was at my weakest, when I could barely do 15 minutes. I remembered her positive attitude and genuine excitement.  Even though she wasn’t my trainer yet, I began asking her for work outs to target certain areas. She graciously drew up some pictures, with instructions, and would even demonstrate the exercises. I was struck by the fact that even though I wasn’t her client, she still cared about what was important to me. Thankfully, I was able to start training with her, leaving work early on our slowest days to hit the gym. In half the time, I noticed muscles showing up in places where I never knew they existed.

    That feeling of sickness and fatigue that I had described earlier, was basically gone. I was consuming more water, drinking shakes when I knew I would be missing meal times and actively trying to eat more whole fruits/veggies/proteins/the right carbs. My recovery time, after workouts, was no longer 4+ days. I was enjoying the sweat sesh. During our sessions, she would ask me about my diet and water consumption, give me work outs for my “off days” and follow up on how work was going. She connected with me on a personal level, as a friend and a trainer. I enjoyed being there with her so much, that upon her suggesting hour sessions, I thought “why didn’t we do this sooner?!”. On my “off days”, she would still be watching me as I jumped around the machines, reminding me to “flatten your back” and “pull your shoulders back”. At that point, I affectionately dubbed her my “gym guardian angel”. As lame as that nickname sounds, it couldn’t be more true. Aubree has my back, in more ways than one. She cares about me and my development. I am not just a session to her. We both get excited about the progress that I am seeing and I feel like I couldn’t have gotten that far without her giving me her all. I look forward to my sessions for her every week, and I never knew that I was capable of loving a gym, or a trainer/friend, this much.

    Monica Kollig