Drop the Weights and Try the Bands

Resistance bands are an excellent addition to any workout regimen, regardless of fitness level. From stretching pre or post workout to squats, back rows and bicep curls, these rubber bands provide muscle bearing tension which is an important part of a workout. They come in so many varieties, are extremely portable, don’t require the use of weights and can really help you get in shape if you’re using them properly.

The most common types of bands are: giant (stiff) rubber bands, bands with handles and therapy bands. At Jada Blitz, you’ll find all band types, including our newest investments, the Braided Xertube, which come in a variety of resistance levels. The braided feature adds a unique level of durability and resistance to this band, which has handles.

At Jada Blitz, we oftentimes start off a training session with these resistance bands, to warm the muscles up and help prevent injury. Here are a few ideas for your resistance band workouts.

Bands with handles:

  • Standing bicep curls – stand in the middle of the band and curl up
    Squat with overhead press – stand in the middle of the band, squat first then push the handles up and bring them together once above your head
  • Bent over rows – stand in the middle of the band and bend over, towards the ground, then pretend you’re holding a barbell and row with the bands
  • Standing chest press – anchor the band to a pole behind you, grab the handles with your back to the column/pole and push the cables out in front of you, in a pressing motion.
  • Standing tricep push – anchor the band to a pole behind you, grab the handles with your back to the column/pole and raise the bands over your head, and without moving your arms, isolate the tricep to move back and forth above your head.

Resistant “Rubber Bands”

  • Glute bridge – lay on your back, with the band just above your knees, then raise and lower your bottom.
  • Lateral band walk – place the band at your ankles and walk side to side (this is an excellent way to warm up before leg day)
  • Push-ups – drape the resistance band across your upper back, near your shoulders, get into a push-up position and start your set
  • Chest pull apart – grab each side of the band, hold the band in front of you and pull apart, if there isn’t enough resistance, hold your hands closer together.
  • Hamstring stretch – lay on your back and place the center of the band under the middle of your foot, in front of you. Then move your foot side to side to stretch out the legs.

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