Meet Adam Gutierrez – Personal Trainer

What inspired you to become a personal trainer?
The opportunity to be able to help people. Working with people every day in helping them achieve their goals is something that makes me feel great. I know my clients are counting on me to give them my all.

Who is your biggest influence and why?
My mother is my biggest influence. She is the hardest working individual I know. She has taught me so much about life and how to be a straight forward genuine person.

What are your favorite meals to eat pre and post workout?
My favorite pre workout meal has to be lean beef and jasmine rice, i like to eat a red meat before I workout. My favorite post workout meal and the meal I eat after every workout is the protein cereal sludge. Put powdered protein in a bowl add a little bit of water so the consistency of the protein is thick like a pudding then I add my cereal which is usually cinnamon chex. I will add some sort of fruit too raspberries are my favorite.

What is your favorite body part to train and why?
My favorite body part to train would have to be back. I feel like I’ve always been able to really dial in and focus on hitting my back. The feeling you can get in your back during a focused workout is one of my favorites.

What is one thing about you that many people may not know?
Something about me that most people wouldn’t know is that Buffalo actually isn’t my home town. I was born in San Diego California and I lived there for one year before I moved to Buffalo.

When it comes to attaining goals, what is your biggest piece of advice to your clients when they get discouraged?
When a client gets discouraged the biggest piece of advice I give them is to have a plan. You are more likely to get back on the road to success if you plan. Attacking anything in life with a plan is better than going in blind. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Benjamin Franklin.

Why is strength training so important for a woman to do when looking to loose weight?
Strength training is important in fat loss for women because while using weights it will help in building lean muscle mass. In fact, lean muscle mass burns more calories throughout the day. Women will not get big and bulky from lifting weight. The workout can be structured to be a high intensity workout incorporating weights which will actually make you burn more calories than just cardio, while also helping you build muscle because of the weights.

What can someone expect in their first meeting with a trainer?
They can expect to be met by someone who is passionate about what they do and serious about helping the client accomplish their goals. Coming in and meeting with a trainer is a big step and can be very intimidating. We are a big family at JadaBlitz and that’s what separates us from others facilities.

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