Justin’s Corner – Winning on Sunday

Football season is upon us and our beloved Buffalo Bills will kick-off their season this Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. We are a football town and the city of Buffalo is vibrant and alive during this time – especially if we are winning. With that comes tailgating, parties, and Sunday Football get-togethers. So how can you still win with your diet and fitness goals during this time? Here are some tips to stay on the right track:

1. Make sure you eat a satisfying breakfast

The biggest mistake you could make is to show up at the tailgate party on an empty stomach. Hunger makes us more prone to overeat and make poor dietary choices . Start off with a breakfast high in fiber- and protein. Try out avocado and a whole egg on Ezekiel toast or a bowl of oatmeal and your favorite whey protein.

2. Bring and make smart substitutions

When we plan to fail we plan to fail.   Do some prep work in your kitchen beforehand. You can lighten up many tailgate favorites with simple substitutions and ideas

  • Sour Cream – use fat free Greek Yogurt instead
  • Heavy Cream – use evaporated skim milk or low fat yogurt
  • Chili – make a healthy conscious turkey chili instead of high fat beef
  • Vegetable Tray – bring a veggie tray to the tailgate to keep you away from the chips and dips.

3. Healthy Grill Alternatives

Grilling is a tailgate must. But you don’t have to ruin your week of hard work on your food choices.

  • Use lean ground turkey or lean ground beef patties
  • Make sliders instead of a full-sized burger
  • Kabob shrimp, chicken, with veggies such as: zucchini, squash, onions and peppers
  • Save calories and skip the cheese

4. Stay hydrated

We all know tailgating means adult beverages in all types of choices. However, alcohol is typically considered a great choice because of the sugar and empty calories. If you are going to have alcohol, alternate with water throughout the tailgate.



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