Justin’s Corner: To Travel is to Live

To travel is to live. I didn’t always have this mindset, but over the years I realized that traveling can provide you with so much more than a “vacation” from your everyday life. It can educate you on different cultures, introduce you to new foods, and open your mind to different ways of viewing the world.

If I had to select my favorite city/country that I traveled to it would definitely be Greece. My wife and I were fortunate to travel to this breathtaking country two years ago for our honeymoon. We spent two nights in Athens, five nights in Santorini, and 4 nights in Mykonos. Each of these spots brought a different vibe, feeling, and learning experience.

Greece is known for its deep history, religion, and abundance of quality food. Not to mention it was absolutely gorgeous! What I loved the most about it was its pace and what that taught me. As Americans we are always on the go – living each day with an endless “to-do” lists and societal pressures to do more and have more. In Greece we saw the beauty of living in the moment and being present. Speaking with many locals they exuded this and truly enjoyed the important things in life.

Of course, when we came back, we had opened up the Transit Road location two weeks later. Life became a quick rush again, but that was a project we knew we were undertaking and we had goals around that. However, everyday I think about that trip and what Greece taught me. I remind myself to live in the present and find time to enjoy those in my life and all this world has to offer.

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