Justin’s Corner – The Most Important Supplement

It seems everywhere we turn there is an advertisement for a new supplement or product that we “need” to achieve our fitness and health goals – whey proteins, fat burners, creatine, BCAAS.  But the one we rarely see an advertisement for is the most important one– the multivitamin.   If you do not take one, then you should start right away.

The human body is complex and is required to achieve a lot of tasks in one day.  In order to successfully do this, it must have the proper nutrients.  There are 11 essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs:

  • Vitamin A – Healthy eyes and general growth and development, including healthy teeth and skin.
  • B Vitamins  – Energy production, immune function and iron absorption.
  • Vitamin C – Strengthening blood vessels and giving skin its elasticity, anti-oxidant function and iron absorption
  • Vitamin D – Strong healthy bones.
  • Vitamin E – Blood circulation, and protection from free radicals.
  • Vitamin K  – Blood coagulation – that is, the process by which your blood clots.
  • Folic Acid – Cell renewal and preventing birth defects in pregnancy.
  • Calcium – Healthy teeth and bones.
  • Iron – Building muscles naturally and maintaining healthy blood.
  • Zinc – immunity, growth and fertility.
  • Chromium – Glucose function – making sure every cell in your body gets energy as and when needed.

When we become deficient in any of the essential vitamins or minerals, it causes a breakdown in our metabolic pathway that produces optimum efficiency.  This can cause our performance to go down.  So it is important you are taking a high-potency multivitamin/multi mineral formula.

If someone is not taking a multivitamin, I believe that other supplements you take will not be as effective.  It is the foundation of a great supplement game plan, and it should be the first thing you ensure is taken care of. When you wake up in the morning, take your multivitamin.  You will find that it will support faster recovery in training as well.  

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