A Justin Draper Behind The Scenes Special

Without Justin Draper, Jada Blitz Training would not be the mid-sized, intricate gym that stands today. Justin’s name is certainly known and respected in the community, but there’s quite a bit that you may not know about the former SUNY Buffalo State College linebacker.

Justin follows a strict regimen when it comes to his eating habits and exercise routine. Not only does he open the gym doors at 5 a.m., leave at 7 p.m. and train 28-32 people in between, but Justin lives and breaths a healthy lifestyle, and knows how to set an example for Jada’s over 500 gym members and 15 trainers and staff.

Justin strongly believes in counting macronutrients, vitamins and minerals as an effective, everyday diet, that’s why he tracks his food intake on a daily basis. Protein is key— despite age, gender, height or body type—he likes to remind his clients. Justin’s key protein sources vary, but typically include: chicken, turkey, lean beef, fish, whey protein powder or egg whites. Carbohydrate choices may include: oatmeal, cereal, fruits, vegetables, rice, sweet potatoes or white potatoes. Healthy fats can be coconut oil, avocados, almonds, natural peanut better or almond butter, which he combines in his daily routine to meet his macronutrient goals.

As with workouts, your eating plan should not remain consistent day after day, week after week, everyone needs change otherwise the body doesn’t change. A typical day of meals looks like:

Breakfast 4-5 am

  • Whey Protein, Oatmeal, Blueberries, Natural Peanut Butter, Fish Oil Pills, and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid: helps maintain lean muscle mass)

Pre-workout meal:   8-9 am

  • Chicken, Red potatoes, Coconut Oil

Post-workout Meal: 11-12 pm

  • Protein Shake from the Blitz Bar

Lunch: 3:30 pm

  • 93/7 Grass Fed Ground Beef, Jasmine Rice, Vegetables

Dinner 7-8 pm

  • Chocolate Casein Protein Powder, Rice Cakes, Natural Peanut Butter

The amounts of food at each meal vary based on his macronutrient goals. Justin occasionally changes up food sources to add variety in his diet and to keep it from getting boring. His diet provides him with different micronutrients to ensure he reaches proper vitamins and minerals everyday as well.

We all have a craving once in a while, Justin included. Guess what he’d reach for in an instant if he could every day? Sushi—once a week, he’ll reach for it and he doesn’t let it count against him that day (un-tracked). Here’s the key, knowing that he’ll be having sushi later for a meal, he’ll cut back on protein, carbs, and fats in other meals to allow room for the untracked sushi. There’s always a way to make room for a splurge.

Believe it or not, Justin Draper has never once had a sip of alcohol, nope, not even in college when he played on the football team. Water is his go-to, but a cup of coffee makes it into his hands every once in a while. He also takes daily multivitamins to ensure proper micronutrient goals.

Justin’s workout plan changes up, similar to his eating plan. His training program consists of 3 days on and 1 day off, then repeat. This schedule allows him to hit each muscle group twice per week and in different rep ranges. There are days he focuses on power/ speed and others hypertrophy.

Justin is a firm believer that you must enjoy your workout program to see results. At the end of the day, you will see better results when you look forward to your workout. Rest days are crucial for recovery. To ensure progression with weight training, he reminds you that your program should be designed for progressive overload. Either doing more weight or reps with an even weight over time. If you are not progressing at the appropriate rate, take a good look at your programming or seek out one of our trainers. We are always here to help.

Now you have the inside scoop on Justin’s life and the answer to one of the most commonly asked questions at Jada Blitz Training, “what do you eat?”








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