It’s All About the Protein

After a workout, you grab your blender bottle or a shake from Jada’s Shake Bar and gulp down 20 grams of protein in minutes. But do you know how important consuming adequate protein in a timely fashion following a workout and also enough throughout your day is?

Don’t Google “protein”; you’ll find a list over a mile long with all the different kinds. Here’s a rundown that will spare you the time and effort and help you understand the jargon.

Whey Concentrate

Whey is the liquid portion of the milk that separates from the curds during the process of making cheese. Whey contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. It is one of the most basic and common forms of protein that is found on many grocery and supplement store shelves. It’s generally an inexpensive and easily sourced protein.

This is not the best protein for those sensitive to lactose as it has a good amount of lactose in it. Whey concentrate can be used both pre and post workout and can also be used as a snack in between meals.

Top 3 whey concentrate brands

  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey
  • Universal Nutrition

Whey Isolate

Isolates are the one-step-more processed form of whey concentrates and strain out a 99% lactose, making this type ideal for someone who is lactose intolerant. Isolate is also one of the quickest absorbing proteins but a bit on the expensive side.

People on low-card diets may choose isolates because there are little to no sugar or carbs in this form. Isolates are great pre and post workout as they are absorbed quickly and can supply the muscle the nutrients needed to help recover and grow.

Top 3 whey isolate brands

  • Jayy Robb
  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard
  • Syntha-6


Soy protein is a good source of protein for vegans or vegetarians. It’s loaded with glutamine (to help with recovery), arginine (help dilate blood vessels to allow nutrition to get into the muscles quicker), and BCAA’s (help with recovery). Soy protein is beneficial either pre and/or post workout or as a midday snack.

Top three soy brands

  • Puritan’s Pride Pure Soy Protein Isolate
  • NOW Soy Protein Isolate
  • EAS Soy Protein Isolate


This type contains amino acids, is readily absorbed and has an abundance of quality protein not from animals. Most plant-based protein comes is made with brown rice, quinoa, pea protein, hemp, chia or flax. Mixing in a plant-based shake once a week not only changes up your routine but also gives your body a break from digesting so much whey/animal product.

Top three plant-based brands

  • Vega
  • Garden of Life
  • Amazing Grass (Amazing Meal)

Whatever protein option you choose, be sure to consume yours within 30 minutes post-workout to repair muscle fibers and 30 minutes pre-workout to help minimize the effects of weight training on your muscles. Don’t forget to stop by the Blitz Bar after your workout for a convenient, healthy and satisfying post-snack.

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Happy Lifting!
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