Gina Mattioli – Her Journey and Tranformation

I Joined Jada Blitz Training on in September of 2015 and my life was forever changed. 

Shows I competed in this year:

  • DFAC Buffalo : 3rd place Bikini Open Short
  • INBF Natural USA Championships: 1st Place Bikini Open Short

From the moment I stepped foot in the door at Jada Blitz I fell in love. The atmosphere was upbeat, everyone was motivating one another, and it just felt like home. Jada Blitz is more than a gym and it turned my life around. I had always been into going to the gym and I had even tried counting my macros before. Until Jada Blitz though, I had not experienced what the true meaning of ‘being pushed’.  With the guidance of Justin and Hallie I was able to take my fitness and physique to the next level – one that I didn’t even think I was capable of achieving.  Whether you are trying to gain muscle, lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle, you are working towards becoming a better you. It is not a “sit around and just talk” gym, it is a gym that makes you want to workout and go beyond your own limits. 

Since day one at my consultation, Justin has been there to support me and guide me in this journey. Always helping me with my workouts, answering questions, and even putting up with my complaining but reminding me to stick to the plan. He is such a huge inspiration in my life in and outside of the gym. He also teamed me up with Hallie, another personal trainer at Jada Blitz, and I could not have asked for a better fit!  She has become a close friend and her find to be one of the most motivating and inspirational people I know. 

In the beginning I really had a hard time with my macro and grasping the nutrition piece. They still NEVER gave up on me. They are so motivational and care about you as if you were family. Everyone at the gym would make sure to set aside time make sure you were where you needed to be during prep. Bottom line, they care about you. Prepping for a show was difficult but they made it easier. Training, Posing and Nutrition all work together and the trainers at Jadablitz know how to work together as a team. 

With all of that being said, I absolutely love Jada Blitz. I drive 30 minutes from my house everyday to workout there.   Whether you are trying to gain muscle, lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or are just working on becoming a better you – Jada Blitz is the place to achieve these goals.  

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