Compound movements vs. Isolation movements:

The difference between the two is simple, compound movements target several different muscle groups while isolation movements focus directly on one muscle. Both types of movements are important for training, but its great to know the difference between the two.  Compound movements not only target more than one muscle but are also going to stimulate more muscle fibers.  This means that your body will engage more muscles allowing your body to lift a more significant amount of weight, which in return will lead to faster and more consistent progression.  Isolation movements are great for minor tweaking to your body.  Now because isolation movements are only recruiting one muscle group the amount of weight lifted during isolation movements will be significantly less, therefore seeing progression happens at a much slower rate.  However isolation movements are also great for increasing volume and load to a certain muscle group without recruiting other muscle groups you may be training the next day.

Compound movements: Squat, deadlift, bench, shoulder press, rows, and pull ups.

Isolation movements: Tricep kickbacks, Bicep curls, lateral/front should raises, dumbbell flys, leg extension, and hamstring curls.

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