Client of the Week: Maggie Mayr

As a mom of triplets, I was constantly tired and ready for bed by 3 pm daily. On top of struggling with my lack of energy and symptoms of anxiety, I was also very uncomfortable with how I looked and felt in my postpartum body. Cardio alone was no longer working for me, so I decided I had to do something different. I purchased a membership to Jada Blitz and started training twice a week with Adam in March of 2016, and started feeling the results within the first two to three weeks! At first, there was a huge increase in my energy levels, my mood and my ability to keep up with the kids. Then, in the way that my clothes were fitting. Finally, the results were showing in the mirror. 

I love training with Adam because he sees me as an individual and not just a session to get through or paycheck like I’ve experienced at other gyms. He really knows my physical strengths and weaknesses and always alters workouts to cater to my body. Adam pushes me to my limit every session while making me laugh in the process. He’s passionate about being a Personal Trainer and passionate about the people he works with. I can’t thank him enough or speak more highly of him as a trainer and an individual.

The difference between Jada Blitz and every other gym I’ve been to is that the people here truly become like family. There is a super upbeat, positive and motivational energy that surrounds the space from the second you walk in. The entire staff is completely engaging, encouraging and they truly want success for everyone who walks through their door. I’ve never been to a gym where an employee who isn’t being paid to notice or compliment my progress has noticed or complimented my progress and that happens here daily. Jada Blitz sets a new standard for gyms everywhere, which is why I feel honored and proud to be a member of the family.

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