Client of the Week – Lindsay Meagher

I am a Revolution Buffalo instructor and enjoy running on my down time. When RevExpress opened in March 2015, I was excited to try out training at Jada Blitz because I wanted an opportunity to get to know the team there and get back into strength training. I’ve been impressed since day 1 with the knowledgeable and friendly staff that work there and liked that the facility offers so much more than just weights and cardio machines.

When I first started training with Mike I told him to not go easy on me and he’s been challenging me ever since!  What I really appreciate about him as a trainer is that every session I feel like I’m getting a great workout even though it’s only a half hour. Mike is knowledgeable and dependable and even trains with me at 5:30am due to my schedule. I’ve seen tremendous progress in my overall strength and I especially enjoy the way my clothes fit – I proudly wore tank tops every chance I could over the summer!

I’m very picky when it comes to finding a place I’ll work out at.  I like going to places where I’m not just another member.  I think that the Jada Blitz team truly cares about their members and makes sure to know your name. They support each other as well as each of the member’s goals and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

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