Client of the Week: Kayla Doetterl and Dana Szymkowiak

We were both looking to make some big changes and knew that a regular gym membership wasn’t going to cut it – friends of ours had recommended Jada Blitz, specifically training with Mike so even though we were pretty apprehensive (mostly nervous/intimidated) we signed up for semi-personal training sessions. 

We started back in February –  we can still remember our very first day when we did our fitness evaluation, and nearly died. Both of us were like “what did we get ourselves into?” but there was also such a feeling of accomplishment which has kept us coming back for more.

Although we may complain a lot during them, every week we always look forward to our Saturday morning session with Mike. He pushes us each and every workout and always mixes it up. Both of us have always done mainly cardio in the past so lifting and strength training is completely new but Mike has been so great and patient with us. He always lets us know what we’re doing, what muscles we’re working, and makes sure our form is always on point. Although we’re  still not quite where we want to be, in just 4 months We’ve already come such a long way and owe so much of that to Mike!

We’ve even tried the group training class and were completely impressed by the intensity and attention you get even when you’re in a group setting. We feel so ridiculous for ever being so intimidated to join because everyone is incredibly friendly and helpful – even the owner Justin always takes time to say hello. We absolutely love Jada Blitz and highly highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a challenge!

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