Client of the Week: Judith Kowalski

I’ve been working with Stephanie Szpila ever since Jada Blitz  opened (and before that too).  We’ve come such a long way together.  As a result of surgery due to head & neck cancer, I had limited movement of my neck and shoulder on one side. I also had a feeding tube for 7 months and need to gain back muscle mass. 

Stephanie took on this challenge and devised workouts that were just challenging  enough at the time. Initially we worked on range of motion, then balance, then weight  training in both individual & group sessions.

Stephanie is wonderful at adjusting the workout to whatever my limitations may be.  She’s diligent at ensuring each exercise is performed with perfect form. We do have fun during the workouts and always share a laugh or two. The workouts can vary from kettlebells, free weights, machines, TRX, rowers, Bosu balls and treadmills.

To be able to still view myself as an athlete during some very challenging  circumstances and physical changes means the world to me. I continue to set new goals and with Stephanie’s continued support,  I’ll be able to meet them every step of the way.

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