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Client of the Week – Joan Fox

My fitness journey began about 4 years ago after deciding I wanted to get in better physical shape. My husband was already a member at another gym and said I should join and get a trainer since I had very little knowledge about working out in general. That is when I met Stephanie Szpilla, and she changed my life from there.

After losing weight, gaining both physical and mental confidence, I felt so energized and full of life. Then Stephanie had moved on here to Jada Blitz and although I continued working out with other trainers, I found myself going through the motions with little interest of what I was really doing. I became frustrated in the corporate gym environment and realized I was seen as just a number that added to their bottom line. I reconnected with Stephanie 4 months ago and will never look back. My only regret is that I didn’t come here sooner!

It’s amazing what a different environment Jada Blitz is, everyone is so friendly and encouraging.  Most of all though, I love Stephanie’s passion and humor – it’s such a great mix while she’s pushing you to your maximum.  I also really enjoy bringing my daughter Ellen to the Family Affair class. It’s great to have the opportunity to show her the importance of fitness while having fun and also bonding. Plus she loves when Tucker makes an appearance 🙂 Thanks Jada for making me feel great again!

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