Client of the Week – Jill Lach

Ever since I was a kid I was always active from playing baseball to capture the flag, well anything really that was active and competitive, I never could stop. Until I turned 21, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, it was a huge shock but I knew that I could never stop being active no matter what.  Because I never stopped being active and refused to give up I got better, but there was still something that I was missing regarding my strength.  I worked out on my own and I was very cautious and conscience about my limitations so I never felt “strong”, my range of motion wasn’t that great and I never pushed myself because I was scared.
After doing research and learning abut Jada, I liked what I read and I decided to give it a whirl, and after scoping out the atmosphere I took the plunge and sought out advice from a personal trainer.  I spoke with Aubree and discussed my goals with her, which my major goal of strength, I felt as though we accomplished that. After being diagnosed I could never hold a gallon of milk without shaking it and holding it now is like nothing. Every time I train with Aubree I feel that I become stronger, more knowledgeable about how the body works, proper form and how to use the machines properly. I look forward to being challenged and setting my personal records with someone who has become such a strong positive influence on me.  I love walking into Jada and seeing her and knowing how supportive she is.   Aubree is always pushing me and is super supportive, but notices when my muscles can’t take the weight/workout anymore.  To me that is very important as I still worry about having my rheumatoid arthritis  to flare up on me.  I love working out with Aubree and at Jada. They really truly are one big family that is supportive, fun and genuinely care about the clientle and each other!  Thank you to Aubree and everyone at Jada!
It’s all about being better than your last day!

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