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Client of the Week – Jahna O’Connor

My fitness journey started after getting pregnant with my first daughter six years ago and wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. As I became more consistent at the gym I developed a love for fitness, but for the past six years I had been stuck in a routine – going to the same gym, doing the same classes and no longer feeling challenged. I heard about Jada Blitz from a few people and decided to try it out, looking for a way to switch up my usual workout routine and wanting to concentrate on gaining strength. I was very abrasive thinking lifting heavy weights and using machines wouldn’t be for me.

Being a creature of habit, coming into Jada Blitz was out of my comfort zone. When first walking into Jada Blitz the positive energy is contagious. Everyone at Jada Blitz is friendly, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in helping each other. I work with Mike Kiripolsky a couple times a week and I really enjoy my sessions, coming in happily at 5:30 AM! Mike is constantly supportive, motivating, and always pushing me to my limits. He knows what I am capable of and doesn’t take no for an answer. Mike constantly is changing up our sessions whether it be the exercises, weight, or reps, keeping it interesting and fun. He is knowledgeable about every exercise, is a stickler for form and takes the time to answer all my crazy questions!

Needless to say, I have been hooked ever since I came to Jada Blitz over a year ago. I truly enjoy my time at Jada Blitz and look forward to starting my Monday’s with leg day!

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