Client of the Week – Christine Wittmeyer

I am a very new member of Jada Blitz. My story does not span several months or years, like some of the incredible members I have met in recent weeks. My story is brand new, and actually began on a beautiful night at Canalside. I went to my first Jada Blitz boot camp class at Canalside, and that is where I met Danielle. Her enthusiasm and positivity was inspiring, which perfectly complimented the intense and fun workout. After the class, I spoke briefly with her and she asked if I trained at Jada Blitz. I told her I had never been there, but that certainly got me thinking. I thought a lot about it, and decided to reach out to a college friend who had told me time after time that one day, he would get me to try Jada Blitz, and I would fit right in. I reached out to him and he sent me Justin’s contact information. I met with Justin and was excited to try something completely new and out of my comfort zone. I remember thinking to myself, “Why not try a new experience?”, and I am glad I said yes to myself. Working with Justin has pushed me past my limits, and that is exactly the type of workout I enjoy and embrace. My experiences have opened my eyes in many ways. Every trainer and many of the members have touched me in some way in just a few short weeks – between showing me how to properly perform a movement, reaching out to become friends, or simply smiling and saying hello to me. It’s amazing how little gestures of kindness can transform your day. In fact, the same college friend who referred me to Jada Blitz, stopped his workout in a recent training session to come over and cheer me through my last set of deadlifts. I believe that is a true testament to the culture and environment that Justin has created.

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