Client of the Week – Audrey Drake

My fitness journey with Jada Blitz started almost a year ago; I had hit a hard plateau after losing over forty pounds but knew I still had a long way to go. I had found that the restrictive diets I had tried would work for a short time but left me too exhausted to workout. After seeing an advertisement for Jada Blitz offering personal training and nutritional counseling and that they emphasized strength training, I decided this was the change I needed. 

Justin and my trainer Hallie Mayo have helped reshape how I view food, and how to use it as fuel so I can make it through my workouts giving it my all. Hallie has been a huge support in reaching my goals of building strength and progressively lifting heavier. All of the trainers are friendly and willing to offer guidance on the floor; coming to Jada Blitz has become something I look forward to in the week.


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