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This weeks shout out goes to Julie Seemueller! Here is a little bit about Julie’s fitness journey

1. Describe your fitness journey:

I’ve always been an athlete. I played soccer and lacrosse in high school and then I went on to play soccer for SUNY Brockport. After college I was eating normally but not working out regularly so I put on weight. In an effort to try to lose weight I started playing soccer 4 nights a week, doing workout programs like Insanity, 21 day fix, and PIYO, while also going to the gym regularly to do extra cardio. After some significant progress I hit a plateau. I became very frustrated from spending hours on the elliptical and treadmill every day. One day I was scrolling through my Facebook and I saw a photo of a girl I played lacrosse with in high school who was praising the effects of weight training. I was nervous because before this point I never incorporated weight training into my workouts and I was scared that lifting weights would make me bulky. I couldn’t have been more wrong! My fitness routine has completely changed. I no longer spend hours on machines. I see my trainer 3 days a week for 30 minute sessions and I only play soccer games for my cardio.

2. Why did you choose Jada Blitz as your fitness facility?

I went to Jada Blitz because a friend recommended the facility and said her trainer was incredible. She couldn’t have been more right! I’ve been a member at many different gyms but Jada Blitz is by far my favorite! The atmosphere is positive which is infectious! I look forward to going to the gym and I always leave feeling accomplished.

3. What is your favorite body part to train and why?

My favorite body part to train is legs. I LOVE leg day! I love the burn and seeing the progress!

4. Do you have a go to jam that gets you pumped? What is it?

I don’t really have just one- My go to jam is currently DLOW-Bet You Can’t Do It Like Me, but I love listening to my early 2000s music like Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, and N’SYNC.

5. Favorite pre and post workout meal?

I usually go straight to the gym from work so my favorite (quick) pre workout snack is a s’mores or Cookie Dough Quest Bar. After every workout session I reward myself with a Jada Shake- the Nuts and Honey protein shake is absolutely delightful!!!

6. What attribute you love about your trainer?

I train with Stephanie Szpila. There are so many different things I love about working with Steph. First of all, I love how knowledgeable she is. If you ever have any pain or discomfort she will ask you to point it out on her and have an answer for you immediately. She ALWAYS adds humor into our sessions and makes the workouts fun. She is positive, enthusiastic, friendly and easy to get along with. She encourages me in each workout and pushes me to do my best. Steph is also caring, kind and supportive. She will go the extra mile for anyone. I’ve been struggling to raise money for my high school and as soon as I told her she came up with the idea to do a Benefit-Boot Camp. If I’m ever struggling, she gives me the extra push to help me through it. I love that Stephanie is invested and truly cares about each and every one of her clients. She is an excellent role model and she has continued to help me every week become the best version of myself. I truly feel blessed to have her!

7. Why should someone looking to join a gym come to Jada Blitz

For anyone that is looking for a gym, I would 100% recommend Jada Blitz! Jada Blitz has a family atmosphere. Everyone is friendly and makes your feel welcomed.

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