Client of the Week

This week, Jada Blitz recognizes one of our Spring Competitors as our Client of the Week. Congratulations to Dan Kendziora! Here is a little bit about Dan’s amazing journey and transformation

My journey at Jada Blitz started in July 2015. I came into the gym overweight with bad knees, a bad back, and multiple sclerosis (MS). I was not a candidate for back surgery and was told to go for physical therapy. From past experience, I knew PT was not for me. I was told diet, weight and stress were key factors in controlling my MS. I was desperate and knew I needed to do something. I drove by Jada Blitz every day and decided to stop in to see if someone could help me with a workout routine I could handle with all of my challenges. How lucky I was to meet Justin and his staff. I started out with a three month membership which led to preparing for my first bodybuilding competition at 47 years old! With the help of Justin’s fitness and nutrition expertise, I lost 60 lbs and I am the strongest I’ve been in years. Another added bonus, I am off all of my medications. My primary doctor and neurologist are amazed at how well I am doing. Honestly, my wife thought I would be in a wheelchair by now…not working out and competing in a bodybuilding competition. From the start, Justin kept my overall health his top priority. Not only did he help me with everything I’ve already mentioned, he kept me physically and mentally strong and focused through my wife’s breast cancer diagnosis and bi-lateral mastectomy. I owe him more than I can ever express. Thank you Justin and the entire Jada Blitz Family!

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