Client of the Week

This weeks shout out goes to Beth Brady!!!  Here’s a little bit about Beth’s fitness journey

I started at Jada Blitz Training in January of 2015.  I needed to do something to get in shape and to firm up my body. I would join a gym and never go.  I figured a personal trainer would be better for me. The one on one training would be geared toward what “I” can handle and for that 1/2 hour twice a week it’s all about me.

I like working out my legs and butt. I like doing squats with the barbells. Adam is right there to cheer me on as he adds more weight.  He makes me feel like like I can do anything.
My workout playlist contains all kind of music. Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars gets my feet moving. I also enjoy Country music. (You don’t here much of that at Jada Blitz, though)!!  LOL
Smoothies with protein powder are my favorite post workout food.
I LOVE ADAM!!  He is always upbeat and ready to go. He makes you want to be there and to do your best.  He works my butt off!!  But it feels great.  I look forward to my workouts with Adam.
The trainers at Jada Blitz are friendly and helpful. You will never feel intimidated walking into the gym. They are there to help you work towards whatever goal you have set for yourself.

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