Client of the Week

This week’s shout out goes to Katie Weissman!  Here is a little bit about Katie’s fitness journey

1.  Describe your fitness journey at Jada Blitz.
I started coming to Jada Blitz a little over three months ago.  I had been going to another chain gym in town, and due to a bunch of reasons I stopped feeling like I was making progress.  I had been hearing good things about Jada Blitz so I decided to try it out, and it has made all the difference.  I am more motivated to stick with my nutrition plan and I am continuing to develop my physical abilities.

2.  What is your favorite body party to train and why?
I really like heavy days, so legs and chest are my favorites.

3.  What is your go-to jam to get you pumped up?
I am a professional musician, so the gym is a place/time for me to get away from music.  The 90’s hiphop station that’s on some mornings is pretty good.

4.  Favorite pre-post workout meals?
Coconut oil and protein powder all day every day.

5.  One attribute you love about your trainer
I train with Jon.  Jon is really great at explaining the technical aspects of both body movement and nutrition.  I really want to understand everything that I’m doing, and he is constantly correcting my form and answering my questions.

6.  Why should someone looking for a gym try Jada Blitz?
I think that anyone that is seriously interested in fitness should check out Jada Blitz.  Everyone is not only knowledgeable, but super nice and genuinely interested in helping each other do their best.  At Jada Blitz, you’re not just some random key tag number.


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