Client of the Week

This week Jada Blitz recognizes Robert Metzger as our client of the week!!

I’ve been training with Don Leonard at Jada Blitz for 6 weeks now and I feel a difference in my day to day activities. Today I was at the gym on my own and I was able to increase the weight and reps in my workout. My job is physical in nature and increasing strength and endurance has helped me get through the day!
I’ve been working out in the Buffalo area for 10+ years now and have learned something new at each gym and with each trainer but Don has made me more focused on proper form and is always encouraging me to improve!  He has brought new and innovative methods to my workouts which keep me motivated and challenged.
My nutritional choices have also improved and I believe there are a couple of reasons behind this.  One, my body needs healthy and nutritional food to maintain my activity level during the day, which includes my workouts at Jada Blitz.  Two, Don is sure to ask me about my food choices so I make them good ones! 😉
I look forward to continuing my training with Don at Jada Blitz and learning new techniques each session!

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