Client of the Week!

Big shout out to our Client of the Week…Janelle Tabaczynski!

Right now, I am three weeks out from my figure competition after prepping with Jada Blitz. I started training with Stephanie and following macros with Justin as my nutrition coach in May 2014. I currently have lost 24 pounds and couldn’t be happier! I look forward to my two training sessions every week with Steph. The atmosphere and motivation from every single trainer and the facility itself is incredible. I dread leaving the gym, simply because of the positivity and inspiration has there. I also love getting my butt kicked each and every session. My favorite part of my journey at the Blitz is knowing that I am becoming more than just a client there. I always feel confident that I will see results. It’s so nice to create friendships that have lead me to ultimately feel like they have become a small family to me. I can honestly say that Steph has become one of my best friends and I look forward to talking to her about everything, even if it doesn’t pertain to lifting. My favorite body part to train is legs! They are constantly sore and growing! What’s even better, is that I know I will never get the same workout. My favorite pre and post workout meals are protein pancakes with blueberries.♡ and always my vanilla yogurt mixed with protein powder and fresh fruit.

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