Client of the Week – Susie

Working with a personal trainer has been a game changer for me. I have learned so much about my body and feel much more confident walking into the gym knowing how to use the equipment and get a good workout in. And I love that the personal training at Jada is exactly that; it’s personal! It is specific to my body and my goals.

I absolutely love training with Aubree. She always greets me with the biggest smile, and I can tell she cares about my success. Every time I come into the gym with a new goal in mind, she will do research to determine the best way for me to personally reach that goal. That is not something you will find at all gyms. I also appreciate that she switches up the workout every time I’m in the gym so it never get’s boring, and it keeps my body movement and vocabulary growing. I am truly grateful for the space that Jada provides for me to feel comfortable coming to take my physical health to the next level.

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