Client of the Week: Mary Rhinehart

Describe your ongoing fitness journey:
My own personal fitness journey is forever changing to meet my own personal challenges and to gain spiritual and physical growth.  Recently, I completed a weight-loss challenge with my trainer and dropped 10 lbs since December 1st.  I feel so great mentally and physically that it is the first time in a very long time that I have sustained a significant weight-loss after finishing a program.
What’s your #1 favorite body part to train?  why? 
My favorite parts to train are chest and shoulders because I see the fastest results there.  Recently, I have been really into bench pressing and trying to increase my personal record.  I am almost to 100lbs.  I think that  my muscular arms are beautiful!  I always love to show them off!
What is your favorite aspect about your journey at Jada Blitz?
Jada Blitz is a small gym with big opportunities! They are always expanding and trying to provide the newest, most modern, fun, and effective pieces of equipment to their beautiful facility!  The new studio is gorgeous and I love to see the Jada Blitz family growing more and more!
Favorite pre and post workout meals?
I work out very early in the morning and usually have a quick carb before I get to the gym.  Sometimes it is just a rice cake or piece of toast because my stomach cannot tolerate that much food in the morning.  Post workout, I love egg whites and oatmeal or a protein shake with fruit that I make in my Vitamix!  Papaya and lime is one of my all time favorite combinations!
One attribute about you love about your trainer? 
It is hard to pick just one attribute, but I love that she is honest and gives me high expectations.  She is caring while demanding the best of me.  Most of all, she pushes me to do the things that mentally I think that I cannot do.  When I first started at Jada Blitz, I was afraid to do step ups on leg days and could barely do a pushup! Now I can bust both of those exercises out without any problems!

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