Client of the Week – Lynda Porco

1.) Describe your ongoing fitness journey….

My fitness journey began in September 2014.  After losing 60 lbs from just simple dieting and cardio 5 months earlier, I had plateaued and realized I needed the expertise of a personal trainer to help me continue my progress.  I started working with my trainer, Don Leonard, at another gym and was seeing results almost immediately.  When he decided to make the move to work at JadaBlitz, I didn’t hesitate to make the change with him and have been so happy with that decision.   He has taken on my own personal goals as his own and made sure to keep me positive so I continue to work hard.

2.) What’s your #1 favorite body part to train?

My favorite body part to train is definitely legs. It’s challenging, rewarding,  and burns a lot of calories in the process while making me stronger, bringing me one more step to my fitness goals.

3.) What is your favorite aspect about your journey at Jada Blitz?

Along with having my own amazing trainer, the entire staff at JadaBlitz has been friendly and made me feel at home.  It really is a family atmosphere. I may not be the type of client who is training for a fitness competition but I’ve never been made to feel that I don’t belong.  Every trainer and/or staff member takes the time to say hello or give words of encouragement if I look to be struggling.

4.) Favorite pre and post workout meals?

My favorite meal pre workout would have to be yogurt with oats and a mixed cup of fruit with a whey protein shake. After my successful workout I like to enjoy a whey protein shake with a banana for a quick insulin boost to immediately begin the recovery process, shortly after following the post workout recovery shake I will have another meal to ensure I’m getting the right amount of nutrients my body needs after a one hour training session.

5.) One attribute that you love about your trainer?

A few attributes I love about my trainer Don Leonard would have to be, his patience, devotion, and most of all the incredible knowledge base he uses and educates me with to give me the most benefit out of working out.

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