Client of the Week – Lisa P

I started coming to Jada Blitz about a year and a half ago because I needed a change!  The previous 2 years had been filled with several unexpected events, resulting in a period of high stress and anxiety, which my body paid the price for.

When I first came to Jada Blitz, Justin worked with me personally and set me up with a trainer 2 times a week. I had always tried to keep active, but the training sessions were much more focused and intense than what I had tried in the past and gave me something that I could focus my energy on. Over time, I saw major improvements on my ability to manage day to day stress and anxiety.

About a year ago, I began working with Gaige. He took the time to understand my personal goals and changed up my workout routine to include more cardio and full body exercises. There are times when he tells me to do something and I laugh at him! I always give it a go though, and cannot believe some of the things that I am now able to do. This past year I was able to finish a charity stair climb, participated in the Corporate Challenge and reduced my blood pressure, eliminating the need for medication. These are things that I wouldn’t have even thought were possible before I started working with Gaige. He always knows when to push me and when to scale back, and I’ve learned to listen to him and trust his judgment (he’s usually right!).

Walking into Jada Blitz can be intimidating, but stick with it.  It has really built up the confidence that I have in myself and I can honestly say that Gaige and Jada Blitz have changed my life.

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