Client of the Week – Dan Jakielaszek

Describe your ongoing fitness journey…
My Fitness journey started around 6 years ago with the first goal to get in shape and get a six pack! As the years have gone on and I’ve endured some ups and downs with my health, it’s become much more than just getting a six pack and getting into shape! It’s become a passion, a lifestyle and an overall will to achieve success! I’d have to say my current dream with fitness is to make it a career and help others achieve their fitness goals and make others happy, which in turn would make me happy! I can’t thank Jadablitz enough for how they have gotten me closer and closer to my fitness goals with each day that passes!


What’s your #1 favorite body part to train? Why?
As much as I love to train chest and get a chest pump, I would have to go with biceps as my number 1 favorite body part to work out! I love getting a bicep pump; it’s an unexplainable feeling that just excites me! I also feel that biceps is one of my weaknesses and I’m a guy who doesn’t like to have weaknesses, so I want to put in work to make it a strength!


What is your favorite aspect about your journey at Jada Blitz?
My favorite aspect about my journey at Jadablitz is for the simple fact that I feel like family every time I walk in there! Everyone is so positive and supportive towards each other and it’s truly amazing and it’s nothing like I’ve experienced at any other gym! I’ve always believed in showing support for others because I believe that can do wonders for someone and this is proven at Jadablitz everyday!


Favorite pre and post workout meals?
My Favorite pre workout meal is a banana and a quest bar (preferably cookies and cream because let’s be honest, it’s a game changer!!!) I feel with this meal I get a good amount of carbs to fuel me through my workout and some protein to help me stay satisfied and full during my workout! For my favorite post workout meal, I absolutely love protein powder and oatmeal mixed! It’s a great amount of both proteins and carbs to really fuel and repair your muscles after your workout! Plus I’ve always had a problem with being satisfied with meals and not being hungry prior but protein and oatmeal has worked great for me!


One attribute that you love about your trainer?
Phil has been my trainer ever since I started at Jadablitz and in fact Phil is the one who suggested me to Jada! Phil for sure has more than one attribute that I like about him, he’s a great guy in and out of the gym, he cares for your well being and your success, Phil will go above and beyond to help you and he has incredible knowledge of exercise science and it makes him an amazing personal trainer! But my favorite attribute that I like about Phil is that he will push you to your limits and with his training style he will make you work hard every workout, which you will notice will carry on to all of your workouts even without Phil there! Ever since training with Phil I’ve reached numerous personal records and I can’t wait to achieve more!

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