Client of the Week – Brooke

For the last couple years I have struggled with mental and physical health. Due to these struggles, I found myself gaining weight and becoming extremely unhappy with myself.  It was time to make changes so I could become the healthiest version of myself, so I turned to a personal trainer for guidance.  After overcoming many obstacles, I feel I am in a very healthy spot to achieve my fitness goals. I found myself picking Jada Blitz because I heard such great things about it.  Everyone has an awesome mentality and great energy and that is exactly what I was looking for.  Working with Will has made me see things in myself I’ve never seen before.  He pushes me to my limits, but it is limits I didn’t know I had.  I leave with a good mentality and motivation to continue on with my goals from him. I am slowly seeing the person I want to be and he is partly to thank for that. He is a caring, supportive and motivational and that is exactly what I was looking for in a trainer. What I love most about Jada Blitz is that everyone there has the same passion, and is working to similar goals.  The positivity radiates off everyone in there and it is a reassuring atmosphere to be in.  Anyone looking to make some serious fitness changes should check out Jada Blitz because it has such a great atmosphere and they offer so many different things for their clients/members. I am so happy with my decision to become apart of Jada Blitz.

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