Client of the Week

Big shout out this week goes to Kenneth Mazurkiewicz!

1)Describe your ongoing fitness journey? Fitness Journey started when I played lacrosse in high school at 178 pounds back in 2013. From there I took working out seriously and went up to 213 pounds in December of 2014. I was more bulky and wanted to lean up and needed help so I went to Jada Blitz from reviews from friends. There I met DJ in March who currently helped me cut from 213 to 182 as of today. In just 3 Months of hard work with DJ and clean eating I was able to remove the fat and keep the muscle. My goal is to lose body fat and trim up for summer time.

2)Whats your Favorite Body part to train?Why

My favorite body part to train used to be the chest because who doesn’t want to say they can bench 305 lbs.But training at Jada Blitz showed me that Deadlifts are the best. DJ taught me that it works more muscles simultaneously than any other movement (yes, including even the beloved squat). The deadlift will also strengthen all the surrounding supporting muscles of the waist, backside, hips and, of course, lower back.

3)What is your favorite aspect about your journey at Jada Blitz? My favorite part of Jada Blitz is the family of friends I have developed there. I never had a trainer before Jada but I saw the ones at other gyms and they looked like they just didn’t care about their clients; being on the phone or talking to someone else,etc. At Jada it’s a one on one with even DJ getting in on the workout with you to help you to correct form and motivate for one more rep. Also nothing beats when other trainers come over and motivate you or check on how you’re doing.

4)Favorite Pre and post workout meal

Pre: Bananas, Yogurt, and oatmeal. Adding oatmeal to this fruit and yogurt mix of sliced bananas will gives me a much-needed carb dose for my workout.

Post: Cereal-Protein Mix learned from DJ. Selecting a high protein, high fiber cereal, like Kashi Golean, which offers 30 grams of carbohydrates, 13 gram of protein and 10 grams of fiber. Mix that in with 2 scoops of Whey Protein Isolate. It’s perfect for reloading the muscle energy stores. Sometimes I add almond milk but usually just ice and water.

5)One attribute about you love about your trainer? It’s got to be that he’s become one of my best friends in only a couple of months I know he will always have my back if I need anything outside the gym. He’s constantly checking in to make sure eating right and doing the proper workouts as he wants me to succeed in my goals.


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