Client of the Week

This week’s shout out goes to Sean Wylie!!!  Congratulations!
Describe your fitness journey at Jada Blitz:
My journey with Jada Blitz started last July. Before Jada Blitz I completely stopped going to the gym that I belonged to and never thought about joining another gym again. I heard about Jada Blitz on Facebook. When I got the tour of the gym I could not resist and ended up joining. I took a Bootcamp class which literally kicked my butt! It also woke me up and it showed me how out of shape I had become so then I started my personal training with Don Leonard.
What is your favorite body part to train and why?
My favorite body part to train is my legs and it is the most challenging part of my work out. I struggle with my form when it comes to squatting. I used to squat back in H.S. for football and track and for years I thought my form was correct but since training with Don he has been helping me get back to the proper form of squatting.
What is your go-to jam to get you pumped up?
I usually do not work out with music, but if I had to choose it would be Nirvana’s “Stay Away” and Iron Maiden’s ‘The Trooper”.
Favorite pre-post workout meals?
My favorite pre-post workout is One World Whey chocolate protein. Also 1 medium (sliced) apple and 2 tablespoons of all-natural peanut butter.
One attribute you love about your trainer:
Don is very supportive. He has tremendous insight when it comes to the different work outs. Any questions I do ask he always gives me helpful tips and motivates me whenever I struggle. In my opinion, Don is one of the many great trainers at Jada Blitz! 
Why should someone looking for a gym try Jada Blitz?
For anyone that is looking for a gym they should give Jada Blitz a try. What drew me in was the turf section they have in the gym where you can train as well as take classes on or just work out on your own with all the different equipment they have.    They have all the latest in equipment along with many group fitness classes to choose from. When you walk in the door everyone knows who you are and is always looking to help. The entire staff is so friendly! 

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