Client of the Week!!!

This weeks shout out goes to Caroline B!!!!

Fitness Journey:

I’ve struggled with being overweight my entire life. Growing up as the “chubby girl” in school, I always tried to be active with track and field, tennis, etc. As an overweight adult, there were times I pretty much gave up my weight struggle and just accepted that no matter what I did to lose weight or how hard I tried to be fit, I would always be that “chubby girl”. But there were three periods in my life where I DID lose the weight. Three times in my life I have lost around 100 pounds. The first two times earlier in my life failed, with only keeping the weight off for a few years each time because I let myself go back to old bad habits. Four years ago I endured an extremely traumatic family situation — lack of sleep, stress, and extremely poor eating contributed to piling even more weight back on. I was sick and in pain, my hair was falling out, and I was always exhausted. I couldn’t go on like that anymore. I knew it was time to change my life or I’d be no good in dealing with that situation anymore. I’d be no good to myself or anyone else for that matter. So about 2 years ago I made a decision and a commitment to transform into the person I wanted and needed to be. Once again slowly changing my eating habits and diet… being more active, trying to think positive again and free myself from stress and “food triggers” helped me get down to a weight where I was comfortable enough to start going to a real gym.

Six months ago I progressed to the point where I needed to complete my personal transformation with a regimented fitness program to tone up, gain endurance, and get stronger. Yet deep down I knew I couldn’t go train or work out alone. I needed professional guidance and the extra push to keep me motivated. I tried a few different fitness facilities, but wasn’t really “feeling” it. Then I checked out Jada Blitz – I instantly knew this may be the right place for me. I went all in and committed to personal training sessions. The first couple months were extremely hard for me physically. I was also having trouble getting the scale to continue to move downwards and there were many times I doubted myself and had second thoughts about continuing. Then something in me happened and I soon started feeling amazing and noticed that my body was changing in better ways then all my previous weight losses. I am now losing inches, feeling strong, and have gained some much needed self-confidence back. Finally seeing and feeling awesome results after previous weight loss failures is a huge payoff from my effort and hard work, which definitely keeps me going. When I feel sore (which is most of the time!), I know my trainers are working me properly and I will continue to develop. I have not yet fully reached my own personal goal, but as the saying goes: “Rome was not built in a day!” As I continue this journey, I truly believe that I’ve chosen the right path this time with proper nutrition and targeted training, and I have come too far to ever let myself revert back to the poor physical (and mental) state I was in a few years ago.

Favorite body part to train:

Unless I feel lacking in a particular part on a training day, I personally prefer full-body sessions because I love the all-over “pumped” feeling afterwards. I’m not a fan of concentrated muscle soreness or feeling overworked in one isolated area, but if I had to choose I’d say legs only because I don’t mind a hard quad/hamstring workout.

Go-to jam:

I’m old-school all the way. I’ll crank up some massive beat-filled classic house mixes (Todd Terry, Masters At Work, DJ Sneak, etc.) or some hip hop classics. Maybe I’ll fire up a little death metal if I had a bad day at work 😉

Pre/post workout meals:

I get uncomfortable if I eat too close before a session but I try to have something small in advance like a half P28 wrap with peanut butter (or sliced meat or tuna salad). Post I will usually have a Quest bar or Premiere or GNC Lean shake to hold me over until I get home and have a very portion-controlled, protein based meal.

What I love about my Trainer:

I’ve worked with both Alex and Danielle and I love them both! They know how hard I am working to reach my goals and are in tune with my strengths and weaknesses. I can always count on Danielle to keep me focused and motivated when I’m having an off day. She can sense my progression and really gives me the extra push, weights, or reps when I need it. She is a blast to train with and the most fun part is when she makes me do something hard or I don’t like, I can talk lots of smack and she’ll give it right back to me!

Why Try Jada Blitz:

This gym is not a chain. It is just the right size and layout without intimidating equipment. The space is not overwhelming. There are a few different classes daily for variations with workouts or to try something new. There are real people here willing to help whoever walks in their door with a mission to get down, work hard, and have a goal.

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