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This weeks spotlight goes to April DeAngelis!  Here is a little bit about April’s story

Unfortunately I don’t have a long or consistent history of working out and eating healthy, however I am more consistent now from my experience at Jada Blitz.  Growing up in a middle class family, 1 of 3 kids, we ate pasta and bread, or meat and potatoes consistently.  I was able to maintain a relatively normal weight being an active kid and cheerleader.  Once I started going out with my girlfriends in my 20’s I started to feel the weight coming on so I decided to get a trainer and get into shape.  Back then, cardio was really pushed…ellipticals and running…and lots of it.  I did about 75% cardio and 25% weight training.  After a few years of 6 days a week cardio, I started to get burned out and I didn’t enjoy going to the gym anymore.  As metabolism slows with age, I felt the weight I lost coming back and the muscle tone I gained was hidden under that weight.  In 2010, I lost my mom and a really close friend of mine in the matter of 6 months and completely lost my way.  I would find any excuse to not go to the gym.  I found comfort in food and alcohol.  Since then, I thought about the weight and how crappy I felt every single day, but I couldn’t get myself to go back.  One of my good friends kept mentioning his training sessions at Jada Blitz.  I could hear the excitement in his voice and the positive change they had made in his life.  So after my friend kept encouraging me to “just go talk to him” (Justin) and see how I felt when I was inside the gym, I decided to listen to him.  I went in with no expectations.  I just wanted to feel out the atmosphere, which is one of the best parts of the facility, and one of the reasons I keep going back!

How does your trainer motivate you through a workout?

I work with Jon twice a week, who is fabulous!  Truthfully, he has no idea what he has done for my life, but hopefully he knows he has made an impact!  When I am almost kicked and feel like I have nothing left, Jon pays close attention, and can tell that and voices the seconds I have left.  Anyone can just say the #’s, but it’s the inflection in his voice and timing.  He reminds me that I am strong, and if I want to do it…I will.  Not only for women, but a lot of strength training is mental.  If you’re not pushed to use the adrenaline your body has to offer, chances are you won’t unless your encouraged.

Favorite body part to train or sequence?

My favorite sequence Jon incorporates in my sessions sometimes is the stairs.  I feel like Rocky and I actually think he called me that once…lol.  It’s probably the hardest for me to do, but when I’m done, I feel incredible.

What is your favorite go to jam?

My go to song this week is WTF “Where They From” by Missy Elliot.  The beat makes me want to dance and workout at the same time.

What are you favorite pre and post workout meals?

Favorite pre-workout ~ Old fashioned oats with walnuts, chopped apples and peanut butter.  Favorite post workout ~ a good protein shake…I’m usually too tired to eat

What is one attribute you love about your trainer?

What I think is awesome about Jon is that he practices what he preaches, especially with his nutrition.  He and I agree on the idea that there are natural ways to boost energy, replenish body cell production and build muscle.  He encourages me to eat as often as I want, as long as it’s “good” food.  Jon has given me several food ideas and tricks.   I know he does it at home because I ask him why something is good or why I should do something and he’ll educate me on the benefits.  Jon is always smiling when I come in as well.  Gives me a fist bump…there is no doubt he loves this stuff.

Why should someone looking for a gym come to Jada Blitz?

Before coming to Jada Blitz, I assumed i was most fitness competitors, but I was 100% wrong!  Jada Blitz is all ages, weights and goals.  But be prepared to work.  I like that you don’t see people just standing around chatting about their weekend or outfits.  The music is upbeat and at a higher volume which I love.  I wasn’t sure about training with a male trainer but now Jon is stuck with me.  For females who would rather work with another female trainer…they have them there and they are fit…not just skinny.  At other gyms, I couldn’t get myself consistently motivated to go but with help from everyone at Jada Blitz, I’ve been more motivated that ever.  I am confident that with my own strength and drive and the encouragement from Jada Blitz I can finally be consistent and have fitness be a permanent part of my life.

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