Client of the Week

A big shout out goes to Sara Honsberger…Jada Blitz’s Client of the week!

I have been training at Jada Blitz since the doors opened. First I was training with Nate, and now with Russ. My struggle has never been in the gym, but in the kitchen. As of now, I have been on my macros for 8 weeks! Working out is my passion and the trainers there do nothing less than push me to my limits! As the years pass I love it even more. My favorite body part to train is legs, because it’s always a challenge! My favorite aspect about my journey is meeting new people and truly being able to trust and confide in who I’m working with. My favorite attribute about Russ is that he knows my limits better than I do, pushing me harder every session. The growth I’ve seen in such a short time is incredible. My go to pre workout meal is tuna and rice, and post workout meal is usually a protein shake and fruit 🙂

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