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This weeks shout out goes to Silvio Leonardi!  Here is a little bit about Silvio’s journey


Growing up I was never really active in sports, but I did try my best to workout in order to stay in shape. The problem was that most of my instruction came from the weight room in my high school gym class.  It’s a good start, but it doesn’t really do anything.  I had spent year trying to diet and set aside time to workout in between working two jobs, only to get tired and bored with the routine.  Of course, with the fact that my family and I own a pizzeria, dieting is always a little difficult.  There came a point where I had just given up which not only took a toll on my health, my waistline and on my social life as well.  It wasn’t until my boss had joined Jada Blitz and achieving amazing results, that I decided that I need to make a change.  On top of that…none of my clothing fit me anymore.  I won’t lie, starting at Jada Blitz was a little challening at first, but it got easier as I got into the routine.  One major change was in my eating habits.  Not only was I making terrible food choices, sometimes I wasn’t eating enough.  After almost a year, I’m in the best physical shape that I’ve ever been and I’m definitely more confident in my appearance.

Why did you choose Jada Blitz?

My boss had recommended Jada Blitz and with another co-worker we started training as a pair.  Aside from that though, the atmosphere at Jada Blitz is incredibly welcoming and you just want to be there.  I hate to say that with any gym there is always the misconception that others are going to look down upon you when you first start training…that is NEVER the feeling at Jada Blitz.  I think that I’ve been able to build myself up with the constant support that I’ve received.

How does your trainer motivate you through a workout?

I train with Donny.  Don does a great job in changing up my workouts constantly.  This keeps me motivated as it’s always pushing me to try something different and get better.  His encouragement also helps me to push myself further and further.

What is your favorite body part to train?

As much as everyone hates leg day, I’d say that it’s my favorite body part to train.  The workouts are brutal, but I have a new appreciation on how much stronger I feel afterward.

Do you have a go-to jam that gets you pumped?

This changes up constantly, but I think my current “jam” has to be Lean On by Major Lazer, MO and DJ Snake.  I generally have this bumping on the car speakers before and sometimes after my workout.

Favorite pre-post workout meal?

Grilled chicken, rice and broccoli has to be my all time favorite pre-post workout meal…of course, given our restaurant, there are days that I’m really craving a pizza.  But I’ve been diligent enough to hold off.

What is one attribute you love about your trainer?

I think the best attribute that Don has is that he is never pushy.  Obviously a trainer is supposed to push their clients, but I’ve never felt completely overwhelmed with any of Don’s workouts.  He always sets up my workouts to what I can handle, and a little more.  I think that’s been important for me as it’s set goals that I’ve able to meet, which makes me want to take it a step further and so on.  Because of that I’ve become more confident in the workouts that I’m doing even when the workout includes something I haven’t done before.

Why should someone looking for a gym join Jada Blitz?

To start, Jada Blitz is a very well thought out gym.  It’s well stocked with the latest in exercise equipment, and everything is well taken care of and maintained.  You will never find any equipment out of order when you workout there.  Besides that, there is always enough equipment to complete your routine. The equipment selection is great.  Jada Blitz is a very personalized gym.  Everyone from the trainers to the trainees are very encouraging.  You get a sense that you want to be better and do more with an atmosphere like that.  I’m a different person since the beginning of my fitness journey at Jada Blitz.  I’m not just physically better, but other aspects of my life have gotten better as well.


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