Client of the Week

This week Jada Blitz recognizes Kathie Doldan as our Client of the Week! Here is a little bit about Kathie’s fitness journey

I originally chose Jada Blitz as my fitness facility because my trainer, Stephanie was there. I’ve stuck with my trainer and stayed at Jada Blitz because of the support and motivation I get there, not just from Stephanie, but from the rest of the staff and other members as well. Members are serious about fitness at Jada Blitz, but we manage to have a lot of fun getting from wherever we are now to where we’ve set our fitness goals.

How does your trainer motivate you through a workout?

Stephanie motivates me throughout my workout by encouraging me and by adapting my workout to accommodate any physical limitation that I may be feeling on a given day. She pushes me to do more that I sometimes think I can do, but never to the point that it becomes painful. Steph is always careful to see that I use correct form to get the most from each movement and avoid injury.

What is your favorite body part to train and why?

I don’t really have a favorite body part to train because my goal is overall fitness and flexability. I keep a record of all of my workouts and repeat them on the days that I don’t train with Stephanie.

Do you have a go to jam that gets you pumped for a workout?

I like music with a strong beat to workout to. My playlist includes J-Lo, Shakira, Adam Lambert and Pit-Bull just to name a few. My tastes are eclectic but the Latin rhythms really get me moving.

What is one attribute you love about your trainer?

There are so many attributes that I love about my trainer. Stephanie cares about all of her clients and their fitness goals. She makes my workouts challenging,, she helps me set my nutrition goals, and most importantly, she makes it all fun! As I’ve told Stephanie before, my workout days are my BEST days!

Why should someone looking for a fitness facility try Jada Blitz?

Everyone who joins a gym does so because they’re motivated to be more fit. Sadly, life gets in the way, workouts get skipped, and fitness is no longer a priority. At Jada Blitz, motivation is the prevailing sentiment. The support and encouragement from the staff and the friendships that are formed keep me going back!

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