Client of the Week

This weeks shout out goes to Aubree Shofner!  Here is a little bit about Aubree’s journey!

My journey and why I chose Jada Blitz

At the close of 2014, I was fighting with mental, emotional, and physical issues that had placed me on a path to both medical and in person therapy.  I had no motivation to get anything done.  I wasn’t enjoying anything in my life; nothing felt positive and I didn’t recognize who I was.  The negativity was real and so was my fear of feeling out of my own control.  I came across Jada Blitz Training while killing time on Groupon and decided to email Stephanie Szpila, one of the trainers there.  I received a personal phone call from her that night.  Steph was very open with me and allowed me to talk about all the struggles that had led me to my email.  At the end of our conversation she offered me a personal training session that would turn my life around.  On 12/13/14 I began training with the intention to rebuild myself from the inside out.  Today I am 9 months into training at Jada Blitz and am under the guidance of Russ Wayne and Justin Draper as I pursue my first season as a figure competitor.  Since December I have never looked back.  Jada Blitz has taught me valuable lessons in self love, hard work, patience, and the importance of believing in my own potential.  I have gained a lot of muscle and confidence, but most importantly I have become part of a team and a family.

How Russ motivates me

During our sessions, Russ keeps me motivated by pushing me beyond my mental and physical limits.  We are constantly trying new avenues for growth and always keep things at a strong intensity.  He doesn’t let me say “can’t” and we never finish on a weak or sloppy set.

Favorite part of the body to train and why

My favorite part of the body to train is legs.  Every session I discover a new challenge to overcome.  Personally, leg days involve more that muscles.  It is a heightened sense of both mental and physical fatigue.  I always come out feeling strong and accomplished.

My go to Jam

My go to jam when I’m chasing that pump would definitely be Empire by Bring Me the Horizon or Re-Align by Godsmack

Favorite pre-post workout meal

I love Mexican seasoned lean ground beef over rice with diced tomato, shredded cheddar cheese and a little scoop of plain Greek yogurt.  Is tastes like a taco and fits within my daily nutritional goals.

One thing I love about Russ

Russ always reminds me to follow my heart

Why should someone join Jada Blitz

I wish I could capture the way Jada Blitz makes me feel every time I walk through the doors and put it in a jar to share.  You aren’t just another face in a corporate facility.  When you become a Jada Blitz member you become part of something much bigger.  The Blitz team is built on a foundation of respect, commitment, passion, and support.  The atmosphere and staff is unique and empowering.  It will leave you feeling like nothing is impossible!

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    You have accomplished a lot Aubs. You look wonderful and I am pleased that “Mind & Body” are insinc. Not sure about the new tattoos???

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