Client of the Week

Big shout out this week goes to Eileen Hagerty…our Client of the Week

My Fitness journey began in 2010. I started working with a Personal Trainer and from there started competing in Bikini/Figure competitions. After two years of strict dieting and putting hours a day into the gym, I decided to part ways and continue working out on my own. I struggled with the fear of being “too bulky” and overdoing cardio and needed some guidance with my workout regimen. I’ve been friends with Adam for years now and after following his transformation and seeing how dedicated he was to Jada Blitz, it intrigued me to check it out. Since training two days a week with Adam and eating a healthy balanced diet (including dark chocolate on the regular) I not only feel better, but am finally happy and confident with my body. I get the best workouts I’ve ever had in just a half hour and it makes it that much more enjoyable to work with someone who truly believes in you.

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