Client of the Week

This weeks shout out goes to Alexandria “Allie” Gattuso!

I started my fitness journey by attending my brothers competition this past March.  I was very inspired by how the competitors pushed themselves to her to where they are.  Although at times the last few months there has been some difficult moments, the overall outcome so far has been extremely rewarding to see what I’m capable of.

1.) Why did you choose Jada Blitz as your fitness facility?

I chose Jada Blitz as my fitness facility because my friend Alex belongs there.  I saw what great results she had.  She also told me how great the people there were about helping you reach your goals.  That was enough to get me to join.

2.)  How does your trainer motivate you during your workout?

I train with Mike K.  Mike motivates me through my workout by always pushing me and not letting me give up when I think I can’t do it anymore.

3.)  What is your favorite body part to train?

My favorite body part to train would definitely be legs.  I work on them twice a week with Mike.  It’s definitely the most challenging days but I always feel great afterwards.  My legs are where I’ve seen the most results so far.

4.)  Do you have a favorite go to jam that gets you pumped for a workout?

I don’t have a specific jam that gets me pumped, but on my way to Jada Blitz I usually listen to Pandora hits.  Jada Blitz always has great tunes pumping too!

5.)  What is your favorite pre-post workout meals?

My favorite pre-workout meal is multi-grain cheerios.  My favorite post workout meal is jasmine rice and chicken or Kodiak cakes with bananas.

6.)  What is one attribute you love about your trainer?

One attribute I love about Mike is that he always makes the workouts fun.  In the past I hated going to the gym but now I actually look forward to it.  Mike is always singing or doing something funny so it distracts me from the fact that he’s kicking my butt during a session.  Anyone who can make a workout fun…works for me

7.)  Why should someone looking for a gym come to Jada Blitz?
Someone looking for a gym should definitely come to Jada Blitz.  No matter what your goals are, Justin and his staff will help you reach every one of them.  They will be there for you every step of the way with advice and encouragement.


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