Client of the Week

This week’s shout out goes to Jerry Bianch. Here is a little bit about Jerry and his fitness journey

Jada Blitz has been my first venture in a fitness facility. Not really knowing what I was getting into, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the equipment and the comprehensiveness of the instruction from the trainers. Jada Blitz has allowed me to get my body back in shape.

1.) Why did you choose Jada Blitz?
I actually read about Jada Blitz in an ad in the Clarence Bee. It caught my eye and I knew I had to check out this facility.

2.) How does your trainer motivate you through a workout?
I train with Adam. He progressively challenges me to push myself further. He offers encouragement and celebrates my achievements. Adam also provides a great deal of variation to my workouts that keeps things fun, interesting, but most importantly…challenging.

3.) What is your favorite part of the body to train?
My favorite part of the body to train would have to be my upper body. My chest is the part of the body that needed the most work and it’s the part of the body that I’ve seen the most results.

4.) What is your favorite pre-post workout meal?
My pre-workout meals is usually a yogurt. After my workout I focus on re-hydrating myself with a lot of fluids and electrolytes.

5.) Why should someone who is looking for a fitness facility choose Jada Blitz?
Jada Blitz runs a sound program between their Personal Training and their memberships. They have high quality trainers who are extremely knowledgeable and motivating. Between that, and the great music they play, it’s a great place to workout!

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