Client of the Week

This weeks shout out goes to Alison Knab!  Here’s a little bit about Alison’s fitness journey

I needed to do something different because I wasn’t getting where I wanted to on my own.  I also have an auto-immune disease that was getting the best of me.  My main goal is to just feel better and try to combat being sick so much.  My mindset is if I can get my body stronger in the gym, maybe I’ll be stronger all over and not get sick as often as I do.  I struggle sometime because I want to push more but my body sometime’s just won’t let me.

My favorite part of the body to train would have to be legs.  I skated for 16 years so I’ve always had pretty strong legs.  But I love when I can really push myself and see the strength I’ve built up.  It gives me that boost of confidence to push just a little bit more even though it can still be the thing that knocks me down.

My favorite aspect about my training journey at Jada Blitz is the support from everyone at the gym.  It’s an awesome team to be a part of.

My favorite post workout meal would be a simple protein shake or protein bar and a Starbucks Cold Brew…The “bucks” is always needed.

The attribute I love most about my trainer, Mike, is he takes my attitude and gives it right back to me.  He pushes me to my limits and shows me what I am really capable of.  Honestly he is my biggest supporter and motivator.  I appreciate you more that I sometimes admit.

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